Fall of 2019 I had the opportunity to create an exhibition as part of a team to be on display at the biennial Social Practices of Human Rights Conference hosted at the University of Dayton. Over 600 attendees and participants got to network, listen, and learn about diversity, inclusion, human rights, and making our world a better place- bridging the gap between scholars and practitioners.


This project is titled Global Education; Inequality and the Lense of Opportunity. The interactive project brings to light the inequality people all around the world face when it comes to having access to an education. I received a lot of positive feedback from participants who were moved by the experience with the project. The intense research and design helped create a project that educates and opens people's eyes.

Step One: The viewer draws a card explaining the story of one of 25 different people around the world and their experience with education. The card contains a name, geographical location and age, along with a short story of their life. At the bottom of the card, there is a direction to either step to the left or move to the right.

Step Two: The participant receives a pair of red-lensed glasses to view the message board. With these glasses a message becomes visible, these glasses represent countries and people with access to an education, making their lives safer and more convenient quickly reveals itself.

Step Three: The participant faces a massive puzzle to piece back together. The challenge represents people and countries without easy access to education—making their life much harder and more dangerous at times. The puzzle group has to work two times harder to get the same information than those who wore the glasses and got the information in seconds.